Little Old Three-Chord-Me


dang i really wanted to go to TWIABP tonight.

I got really drunk last night and am still trying to figure out what this means visiblyvpset



Just heard a fuckboy refer to someone else a s fuckboy
They know
They’ve caught on
That was so meta
That autocorrected to “that was donkeys”

meta and fuckboy in the same post aka this is the best thing ive seen all day

FUCKBOY? MORE like excuse me halloween is a time for bats also alcohol is bad don’t do it kids and excuse me obama? where ARE MY EBOLA VACCINES don’t you do this to me uncle barack you told me about your secret heroin addiction man. Hail satan, can i get a “down with the patriarchy?”

Played — 96 times
Trackname — Snurf Snacks Canada
Artist — Weeber
Album — Weeber 2: The Weebening

gonna be a slow boring weekend hyup

Anonymous asked:
What's your biggest secret?
Anonymous asked:
why are you selfish

Because I REALLLY don’t want someone to do something even though it would probably be absolutely amazing for them and it’s hard putting aside my own feelings.

I got an exam back and did way better than the class average.

I also got a 74. 

I’m simultaneously proud and really upset.

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